Black Ash: Nuda — part I [EP]

This new release of Black Ash is a first part of author’s reimagining of musical constituent of the russian art project «Nuda», which included Gleb Filonskiy (Black Ash), Anton «Dirge» Moiseyev (Calendar Round, PsyApathy) and Anton Fyodorov (KingJor).

nuda I


01. The Inauguration Of The Black King
02. The Music Of Erich Zann
03. Hypoxia
04. Ataraxia


Black Ash debut LP released

«The Big Black Web» is the first full-length album of industrial-rock project Black Ash from Volgograd (Russia).

The work on the album was in collaboration with Volgograd-based producer Vladimir Aparin and took time in a period from August 2013 to September 2014.

Black Ash is a one-man project of Gleb Filonskiy, formed in Volgograd in 2012.



01. Home Alone
02. Sad But True
03. What If
04. Sticky Madness
05. Enemy
06. The Big Black Web
07. Obsession (Of Your Depression)
08. Love Is (So Black And So Cold)
09. Hate Me Love Me
10. To The End
11. Doomsday


Sphere Of Ability self-titled EP released

Debut release of Egor Lappo’s solo-project Sphere Of Ability is avaliable for downloading.

Even though this EP originally intended to be more like of a parody on such music ‘genre’ as djent (hence EP artwork is a picture of space and a triangle), it turned out to be a pretty decent material (and way more serious, especially for a parody).
However, it didn’t lose its flippant vibe.)



01. Gradient
02. Social Mania
03. Arroway
04. Space Rain
05. Coincidence Or
06. Astrophobia
07. Vigorous